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  4. realman


  5. benno2077

    Alternate Payment method

    Is there a different way to pay for luas? I am unable to use paypal. Thanks
  6. EliteX

    Hello everyone!

  7. - Fixed some some bugs - Changed HWID system to Aimware account lock.
  8. Super-Mega-Nigga

    How do I buy?

    Is there are discord? Or... like... how can I buy something? I just want to buy the FlowHooks lua for 1 months to test it.
  9. Super-Mega-Nigga

    Not receiving the product after purchasing it

    How did you buy? tf? The payment is down and the site is dead
  10. So I bought the Life time Lynx Client, but I did not receive the product, and it cost my money on paypal. please help me out.
  11. abc516


  12. Xeart


    Hi, i want acces to the strore.
  13. Xeart


    I dont see store.
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